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Day Chapin, M.Sc., M.B.A., P.E. - Day is an experienced engineer and business leader in technology companies including energy, aerospace, computer, software, and telecommunications. Day combines an understanding of technology and business skills to provide clients with strategic cost-effective solutions. His specialties include technology leadership, strategic marketing, business & corporate development, business process reengineering, and risk management. His entrepreneurial and business development experience includes working with executives in small fast growing firms as well as large established organizations. He founded a service packet communications company, NuTel/Bazillion CSP, an energy technology company, and has work experience and clients including Intermec, Boeing, Rockwell, U.S. Department of Energy, Canadian National Research Council and B.C. Financial Management Branch. He uses systems engineering methodologies to assist clients map and develop strategic enterprise wide business process solutions that are more reliable, effective, and profitable. Mr. Chapin holds a BS in Engineering from the University of Washington, an MS in Engineering from Colorado State University, an MBA from Simon Fraser University, and is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Washington.

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